Tile & Grout

Make Your Tile Shine

Make Your Tile Shine

Arrange for tile and grout cleaning services in Bradenton, Bayshore Gardens or Lakewood Ranch, FL

One of the benefits of having tile is how easy it is to clean up spills. But over time, cleaning product residues, cooking oils and who knows what builds up on your tile floors. A mop and bucket will only do so much and scrubbing on your hands and knees gets old real fast. Sometimes it's just best to let a professional with the experience and equipment solve the problem for you. Let Guaranteed Carpet & Tile Care clean your ceramic or porcelain floors instead.

You won't believe the difference our truck-mounted hot water pressure and extraction system will make to your tile floors. Most companies only clean your tile and grout once with an alkaline degreaser. Some even just paint over the dirty grout line. This ends up coming off in a year or so where it didn't adhere properly to the dirty grout leaving you with a big mess long after they cashed the check!

Guaranteed Carpet & Tile Care Inc. cleans your ceramic/porcelain tile with a professional acidic cleaner then cleans it again with a professional alkaline tile cleaner. This process of cleaning over the full pH spectrum give you maximum soil removal with unmatched results.

Making sure your tile and grout are cleaned properly will allow you a longer period between cleanings. We follow these an elaborate 11-step process to ensure that your kitchen, bathroom and every room in your house look amazing and have lasting effects.

Warning: Unsealed grout is very porous and easily stained. Even though our method is superior to most, some staining can become permanent. Don't take that chance. Let Guaranteed Carpet & Tile Care Inc. seal your grout in the Bradenton, Bayshore Gardens, Sarasota and Lakewood Ranch, FL area. Call 941-923-2498 today.